About Us

We are Burltoninn.co.uk, welcome to our site.

Here we have a wide range of information about pubs, old pubs, new pubs and even pub entertainment. we list a range of the old pub games and where they are still played, so pop along and have a go!

Have you ever wondered where the oldest pubs in the UK are? Perhaps you want to visit a few and learn about their long history? Well, we can answer this question for you. We also have a list of some of the most haunted pubs in the country, so if you and a bunch of friends want to plan a creepy overnight stay for Halloween, look no further, we can guide you to some of the best places to go.

Have you ever questioned which is better, old or new style pubs? While it is a hard one to answer, we explain some of the basic differences between the two to help you decide on which you prefer, or why not just go and enjoy them both as they each have something great to offer.

We can guide you with a few hints and tips on how to choose a new pub. Your ‘local’ needn’t be the pub nearest to your home, it doesn’t even have to be within walking distance. Your chosen pub should be the one that you feel the most comfortable in, serves the drinks you like and has the friendliest staff. If it ticks all of your boxes then it has to be ‘the one’.