Features of a Great Old Pub

If you prefer to go to an older pub because you believe it has more character, then it can be hard to explain why to those who prefer a modern bar. However, surveys have shown the main features that people are looking out for when they choose their pub are the following:

  • The main point that is important is that the pub serves food. Many people want to make sure that they can get something good to eat when they go out – they want the pub to have a home away from home atmosphere because they are no longer just places where you go for a drink. These days the whole family can head out to the pub for a good time.
  • Continuing the home away from home atmosphere, another thing that customers want is a beer garden. Outside space is at a premium, particularly in city pubs, so the ability to relax in the sunshine and enjoy a drink helps to make a pub feel more welcoming. Most pubs have expanded on this idea now and have an area set aside as a play area for children to make it even more welcoming for families.
  • Older pubs tend to already have a fireplace but more than half of customers look for a feature such as this. They find it homely and it can be very relaxing at the end of the day. A good welcome is not just in the fixtures and fittings though with many people saying that they also appreciate friendly staff who get to know the customers properly.
  • Entertainment features such as live music and pub quizzes are seen to be less essential, but around a third of people still appreciate them. The one thing that the vast majority of people agree on though is that the fruit machines are not necessarily a welcome addition to the perfect pub.