How to Choose a Good Pub

If you are looking for a good pub then there are certain things that you probably want from it but if you are unsure what makes a good pub then where do you start?

First of all are you visiting the pub as a single person, with a group of friends, with your partner or with your family? Each of these will have different requirements from a pub. A single person might just want to have a drink and chat to the bar staff, while those who are in with a group of friends might want to take advantage of entertainment such as watching a sporting event on the pub’s TV or a pub quiz. If you are visiting with your partner you might not appreciate the atmosphere created by the crowds that are in to watch the match and if you are visiting with a family, you might want a children’s play area or a family-friendly section.

Look at the proximity to your home. There are good pubs everywhere these days so strictly speaking you should not have to travel too far for one and if you are with your family it can be tiring to travel to a good pub. Look for something that has the particular facilities that you want within a reasonable traveling distance from your home.

Take notice of customer reviews but make this just a small part of the selection process. The reviews should be used to give you an oversight of the type of pub that it is and will help you to determine if you want to try it but once you set foot through the door the only opinion that matters is yours. Does it offer you the atmosphere that you want? Is it reasonably priced? Are you made to feel welcome? Then you can work out if you have made a good choice.