Traditional Old Pub Games

The traditional pub game is something that can still be found if you visit the right pubs. If you are spending the evening in a pub with friends, then they are a great way to keep everyone entertained.

Bat and trap is a game that is often placed in pub gardens in the county of Kent. This is a similar game to cricket, but the ball is fired out from a device known as the trap. At the other side of the pitch sit posts and the aim is to get the ball between them.

Another pub game is Aunt Sally. This is where players throw sticks at a wooden block that sits on a short pole. This is known as the dolly. The game is popular in pubs in Oxfordshire and some parts of Buckinghamshire. The World Championships take place at the Charlbury Beer Festival every year.

Devil Among The Tailors is a game that was featured in the film ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ which starred the Beatles. It is a game of table skittles and there are variations of this game across the UK.

For a game with a very strange name, try Dwile Flonking. This is not considered to be one of the oldest games, with origins in the 1960s, and it is believed to be a game that evolved mainly through boredom. The game involves the dwile, which is basically a dishcloth dipped in beer which is then aimed or ‘flonked’ at a member of another team, with the aid of a stick. The other team is dancing in a circle. It is where the cloth lands that determines how many points your team earns.

The coin-tossing game Toad in the Hole is played mainly in pubs in East Sussex. Coins are launched onto a table that has a hole in the middle and it has seen a boost in popularity in recent years.