Most Haunted Old Pubs in the UK

When it comes to ghost hunting you can’t beat some of the UK’s oldest pubs. Some of them reportedly have several ghosts and are a good choice if you want to spot a spook or two.

In the town of Hastings, the Stag Inn is considered to be one of the most haunted pubs in the UK and ghosts here include a Dutch sea captain. The pub itself dates back to the mid-16th century and the bar is home to two mummified cats – thought to have once belonged to a witch who lived in the pub.

Doddington is home to the Chequers Inn, a hostelry that dates back to the 12th century, where pilgrims and smugglers used to rest. A Civil War cavalier is among the ghosts that haunt this pub along with the piano-playing wife of one of the pub’s landlords.

London’s Mabel’s Tavern is thought to be named after an Irish woman called Mabel MacInelly. It is her ghost that is thought to haunt the pub since her death in the 1970s. Occasionally she can be heard operating the dumb waiter system, even though the pub no longer has one.

One of the most interesting haunted pubs in the UK is the Ostrich Inn in Colnbrook. The story goes that the pub landlord, Jarman, and his wife, killed more than 60 people here. They are thought to have constructed a trapdoor in one of the rooms where they would put their richer customers. The trap door would drop the victims into a large vat of boiling oil. Many visitors to the pub have stated that they have heard and seen things that they cannot explain here. The good news for ghost hunters is that the rooms have recently been refurbished and are now open to paying guests again!