The Best Old Pubs in the UK

The UK is home to some of the most fascinating old pubs in the UK with several dating back more than a few hundred years. Whether you want to visit a haunted establishment for example, then there is a pub in Britain for you.

In Buckinghamshire, the oldest freehouse in Britain can be found. This pub is called the Royal Standard and it is thought that it dates back to Saxon times. Originally, water was drawn from the well in the garden to make the ale. It was documented in the 13th century and referred to as the Ship Inn and kings lodged here while they were hunting in the area. It is home to a priest hole that is rumoured to have harboured Charles I during the Civil War. It was under Charles II that the name of the pub changed to The Royal Standard.

For a pub that has been witness to most of London’s greatest events, try The Anchor Bankside. This sits on the banks of the River Thames just a short walk from the original Globe Theatre. In 1666, Samuel Pepys watched the Great Fire of London unfold. A fire destroyed the original building, but it was rebuilt in the 1770s.

The county of Cornwall is home to Jamaica Inn, immortalised in the work of writer Daphne du Maurier. This is a smuggling inn, built in 1750 and unsavoury characters used the pub to hide rum and other smuggled goods. If you want to see a ghost or two then this is the place to come.

The Black Bull pub in Yorkshire has also been found to have strong connections with the Civil War. Armour was found in a wall cavity and rumour has it that Cromwell’s army managed to drink the bar dry before heading out to the Battle of Marston Moor.