Old pubs vs Modern pubs

Not everyone wants to sit in a fancy wine bar enjoying elegant drinks with friends and acquaintances, some still enjoy their traditional pub, their pint glasses and a great game of pool. There is nothing wrong with either option but the question is often asked, which is best? Obviously the answer to that question lies in personal preference.

The younger generation tends to gravitate towards the trendy bars that serve wine and cocktails, sometimes in very large bowls. They like to be seen in the hottest spots in town and newer, more modern pubs are often the most popular places to go. They offer an evening with friends and loved ones, loud music and the potential for random conversation. The potential downside is that this environment is not necessarily relaxing.

Those that enjoy the traditional pubs tend to be the more mature social butterflies. The older pubs often have a pool table, a dart board and perhaps a range of other classic pub game such as domino’s or backgammon. Music is via a jukebox, so you can pick whatever you want to listen to, and there is often live music to enjoy too. This tends to create a more relaxed atmosphere, people get to listen to whatever they want, play the games they enjoy and really make the night their own.

Some people enjoy both traditional pub environments and modern pubs, as they feel comfortable wherever they are – some people do not. If you cannot decide which you prefer then spend more time doing both, get involved in conversations with new people in both bars, experience both pubs to the full to truly make an informed choice. Whichever way you land you will not be wrong, and as an added bonus you will get to have plenty of fun nights out.